“I have known and worked closely with Mike Stathopoulos for over 5 years now, and can attest to the fact that he is a fine, upstanding citizen of good moral character with an outstanding work ethic and strong, unwavering loyalty to those whom he deals with whether in a professional or social context. He is a dedicated and loving father to his son and a respectful and generous son to his parents.

As a co-worker, Mike is highly valued for the quality of his skills, for his knowledge and professionalism, and for his positive attitude. He has been our primary video editor on the vast majority of projects at Warner Bros. International Branded Services and always has delivered his projects on time and on budget.

Besides being a valued co-worker, I consider Mike to be a friend whom I would recommend to anyone for any position that would require his skillset, his intelligence, and his diligence.”

Vinnie Longobardo

Director, Programming & Operations

Warner Bros. International Branded Services

“Mike is a very professional and all-around good guy. He's easy to get along with and gets the job done!”

George Fong

Creative Director at Walt Disney Company

“I've worked with Mike several times on several projects and there is a reason for that. Not only is he dependable and hard working, he is very professional and knowlegable as an Editor. He has the ability to take your project to the next level by adding those invaluable touches of creativity and professionalism. I've had the privlege of hearing Mike speak on panels and working with him on several films that ended up in festivals across the US. Overall a great guy and couldn't recommend him more.”

Daniel Whitehill

Sr. Director, New Media Distribution at NBCUniversal

“Awesome editor and a colleague... definitely would love to work with him again in the future.”

Nick Jeong

Design Manager at Disney Consumer Products

“He's a mac whiz, and a super-talented editor. After having worked on numerous projects with Mike, I can attest that he collaborates well with producers and adds a great deal to any project.”

Patrick Robins

Founder at PopTube Media

“Mike is kind, compassionate, and is extremely capable. He knows FCP inside and out and would be an asset to anyone's Post Production Department, either as an editor or a Post Supervisor. He's great at supporting his team and deals with technical issues with great patience. He's a fantastic multi-tasker as well and his organizational skills are stellar!”

Sharon Houston

Digital Content Producer - Last Comic Standing at Push It Productions/NBCUniversal

“Mike was a real pleasure to work with, both on a professional and personal level.

He is a top-notch editor, both speedy and very detail-oriented at the same time. With his FCP teaching background, he was the point person for all the other editors when it came to tips and tricks of FCP, Motion, Soundtrack, and Shake.

I have recommended Mike for many jobs and will continue to do so.”

Christoph Baaden

Director | President of FILM FOR THOUGHT

“I worked with Mike on several projects and can say that his dedication to each project was incredible. As an editor, Mike will go the extra mile and would often work late or come in on the weekends to ensure that every piece looked and sounded amazing. His patience, dedication and personality made him a joy to work with.”

Jeff Hawkes

Freelance Producer/ Director

“Mike was incredibly knowledgable, patient, funny, creative and a pleasure as a teacher of editing. He loves what he does and it shows.”

“Any student would be lucky to have him as a teacher--any school would be lucky to have him on their team!”

Tracy L. Britton

Writer/Director/Acting Coach

“Mike couldn't have been a better instructor. His knowledge of Final Cut exceeded my expectations and I become fully versed in the program in only 4 weeks time. Mike was also able to show me how to integrate other programs with Final Cut and was always willing to answer any and all of my questions no matter how easy or hard they might have been. If he didn't have the answer, he would find it and explain it to me within the hour.

He is beyond personable and we remain friends to this day. I would also recommend him to anyway looking for an editor as he is quick and knows the program just as good as Walter Murch himself!”

Scott Jacobs

Assistant Editor at Person of Interest

“I am writing in praise of Mike as a very professional and knowledgable instructor. He shared with me his knowledge of Final Cut. He also went above and beyond to recommend various methods to improve my skills as an editor. Through his instruction, I am very confident as an editor now working in the field.”

Albert Caro Jr.

Supervising Editor at Entertainment Studios

“Mikes gives Authors of how books a run for their money in the classroom, his patience and personable approach to teaching enables him to give his students the opportunity to achieve a high level of understanding, satisfaction and confidence out in the field.”

Carmen Del Toro

Digital Image Technician, IATSE local 600

“I have worked with Mike directly at Post-Op for about 1.5 years and have developed a great admiration for his work, dedication, creativity and ability to mentor. During this time, Mike has taught me a great deal in the digital editing realm and technical world. Through this he has helped me to embrace my technical expertise and take it to a higher level.

His influence helped to mold my own early technician years with him always focusing on the client's needs first and getting the job done. He maintains sincere dedication in everything he does and I highly recommend him to any opportunity or challenge.”

Eric Fellen

VP, Technology Infrastructure Support- Team Lead/Manager - Bank of America

“Mike Stathopoulos was an exceptional worker for KCTV5. As an editor for the News department along with other editing responsabilities Mike did an outstanding job for us. His attention to detail was good but his ability to combine pictures and sound into a consice storytelling ptoduct was outstanding. Mike has a good eye for composition and and is good at taking concept to completion. His ability to listen and his excellent work ethic made him an outstanding employee for KCTV5. I highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for a good guy with a great sense of humor and a complete understanding of the business.”

Dale Jacobson

Program and production manager - KCTV

“Mike worked early morning hours as an editor in a very deadline-intensive newsroom environment where one had to be very self-directed, calm, and organized to get the job done. Typically these shifts are understaffed and every member of the crew has to do multiple tasks to get the job done. Mike Stathopoulus is one of those employees you simply did not have to worry about. When given a task, it was as good as done, and done to perfection. I slept well when Mike was on the job!”

Peter Barrett

Production Manager, WCIA-TV, Champaign, IL

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